Uquizzes I like

This is just a place for me to dump random quizzes from uquiz that I like. Sometimes they hit hard and I need somewhere to post all the links.

What colour is your love?

My result:
Coral Pink

Let me assign you a love language

My result:
A knife called grief
You have left your house, you have left those people behind, but what are you going to do about the memories which have taken root in you? You can run but not without them. You want someone to sit with you on this cool marble floor while the sun burns everything.You want them to cut your rotten heart and theirs too. You want to sit with it in front of you, let them see you with all your flaws, which haven’t been your fault but you have been made to believe so, and you want them to love you anyways. Because you know you’d do that for them.

What kind of gf are you

My result:
Nerd gf
ok i genuinely think you're majorly datable. tell me more about lost media and extinct snails

which one of the worst famous tumblr posts are you

My result:
down with cis bus
what if we kissed on the down with cis bus?

How fandom would see you if you were a fictional character

My result:
Answer unclear
Oh, you. No-one can figure you out. Some people love you, some people hate you, some people just don't care. You're hot, but also ugly, but also bland. You're funny, but also serious, but also a kind of weird grey zone. Honestly, keep doing what you're doing. It's pretty cool, in my option. Though a lot of my friends would disagree.

What van gogh painting are you

My result:
"i want to touch people with my art. i want them to say 'he feels deeply, he feels tenderly'." van gogh often didn't have enough money to pay for models to paint, so he painted himself instead for practice. he always felt that his self-portraits were a study of himself his own anguish. as if to say 'look at me. this is who i am. please know me. please love me.' you probably have a complicated relationship with vulnerability. that which you crave also terrifies you. i know it's scary to leave your soul bare, but you will be most happy - and most loved - when you are most seen. some of your traits are: introspective, conflicted, and compassionate

What emotion do you create from

My result:
You create from longing. It is the overwhelming desire for what remains out of reach that defines your work. You are someone who is always wanting for something. The endless craving gnaws at you to the point that it would consume your every thought if you couldn't find a way to let it out. The nagging sense of lacking drives you to create, to give your desires an audience so that they do not devour you from the inside out. Creating something from your desires makes the sense of emptiness less acute. It's a way of obtaining some measure of fulfillment in spite of the constant craving for more. As long as you can create, an outlet for your longing is the one thing you can't be denied.

What kind of discourse would start about you if you were a fictional character

My result:
Gay coded evil character
You just act gayly and evilly. People who love you are either gay and evil or gay and good but hate the gay coding on evil characters so much that they love you despite everything. Or just love a good evil speech. The discourse comes in with a question should we let the media villainize gay people with statements like 'if you like them you're just complacent with media spreading propaganda

Once you're stripped clean what's at your core

My result:
resounding truth
you have a goal in mind, and others brush it off right away... why does everyone always tell you to follow your dreams when it's actually their dreams that they want you to follow? your memory is weak, and your conviction is even weaker on days when you're reminded of how alone you really are. it's hard to go on without someone pushing you forward... is this what life is? a cycle of monotony, fueled only by the desire not to trouble anyone too much with your passing? it would be nice to have something, or someone, to spur you on. i hope you find them.
^ this one hurted ^

What does your blood taste like

My result:
cabernet sauvignon
your blood tastes like cabernet sauvignon, a dry red wine. prominent flavors: dark fruits, pepper, and vanilla from oak aging.

Which y/n stereotype are you?

My result:
he looked up into my brown orbs as tears fall from them. "stop doing that.. for me...?"
^ cackling rn ^

Internet drama trivia quiz (HARD)

My result:
Either you just have a really REALLY good memory for Internet drama, or you are terminal levels of Online. Seek help. The life you get could be your own.