Welcome Home
I'm Cathy.
18 years old.
Maybe I'll actually keep this site running this time idk. LOL. I mean, it ran before, but I didn't bother to maintain it like I hoped. And it was super ugly. This is less ugly.

I'm kind of a weeb. I'm currently learning Japanese. Working on getting a job (if u know someone PPLEAse i need a job). I have a bad habit of having interests that are hard for acquaintances to engage with.
That's it that's my intro :3
I'll add pages about my interests over time. Last time I tried to be hard about it I failed and made half a FNAF page LOL

My current hyperfixations/special interests

Degrees of Lewdity

Funny porn game (I'm so obsessed with kylar it's not funny)

Basically a rape trauma simulator that has an unnecessary amount of lore and my fav is the character that can kidnap you cuz they're so obsessed with you and that definitely isn't an insight into my psyche and what insecurities i have as a person.

Surprisingly big fanbase?? The official discord has 55k+ members as of the time I left and I left cuz the mods are covert bigots that are too lazy to do their jobs

Gakugeidai Junes

This is a boy idol group from Japan. Their whole gimmick is being 2.5D, though now that they've done a face reveal they lean a little more away from that. But over time the trend has been choosing to rely less on their 2D counterparts so it's just a sign of their growth. This did not summarize them I just rambled a little.

As of November 4 (wow it's been almost a month now...) Yuki left the group and they're obviously moving away from the 2.5D concept. But I'm not! I will be archiving whatever I can. Too bad it seems impossible to datamine their official app though :( I really wanted to get ahold of the boys' sprites.